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Total Gym Jump Trainer

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Product Summary:
The Total Gym® Jump Trainer™ is designed with two primary movements in mind, the squat and the squat jump. Facilitating plyometric exercises that leverage both linear body weight resistance and variable band resistance, the Jump Trainer builds explosive power and develops lower body muscle mass through concentric and eccentric loading of the muscles. Able to accommodate all levels of fitness the Jump Trainer enables users to accelerate and decelerate quickly during a plyometric exercise in a safely and precisely.
With comfortable spinal support, the Jump Trainer controls the ascending and descending stages of a squat, and provides an opportunity for variations including, single-leg squats and staggered stance squats.
Developed for advanced athletic performance the Jump Trainer offers multiple squat variations and lower body exercise movements that strengthen the lower body muscle groups.

Product Benefits:

  • Developed to be natural and intuitive in performing squat and squat jump exercises.
  • Provides the user with increased power and joint flexibility.
  • Accelerates ones explosive vertical jump through strengthening.
  • Delivers concentric and eccentric muscle contractions.
  • Increases lower body muscle mass.
  • Allows multiple squat variations and plyometric exercises.
  • Enhances functional performance and increases athleticism.
  • Accommodates all fitness levels easily.
  • Trains muscles/tendons to efficiently store and recover energy during movements through eccentric loading.
  • Protects muscles from injury through eccentric contractions.

Product Features:

  • Adjustable incline accommodates partial bodyweight squats.
  • Provides linear bodyweight resistance and variable band resistance.
  • Rehabilitation and Fitness installation settings that both allow for seven incline level adjustments:
    • Rehab Setting: 20 percent of a user’s own bodyweight up to 65 percent
    • Fitness Setting: 45 percent of a user’s own bodyweight up to 80 percent
  • (x4) resistance bands accommodating an additional 10-70 lbs of resistance in 10 lb increments.
  • Steel and aluminum material extends the life of the unit.
  • Unit placard contains the full exercise library link with advanced exercise options.
  • Controlled landing-impact protects joints with the airborne-height reducing pneumatic brake.
  • User position is safety ensured through the mount/dismount lock.
  • Accommodates adjustable range of motion with the Slide Distance Regulator.
  • Anatomic curve of hip to foot ratio is maintained with the ergonomic standing platform ensuring plyometric movements are biomechanically correct.

Product Specs:

  • Floor Space (area): 22 Square Feet [2.0 Square Meter]
  • Maximum user weight capacity of 400 lbs [180 Kg]
  • In Use:  Size: 104" x 33" x 68" [L/W/H] (2.6m x .8m 1.7m)
  • Unit Weight: 220 lbs [100 Kg]
  • Glideboard Range of Motion: 38 in [97 cm]
  • Frame & Rail Construction: Steel with steel reinforced extruded aluminum rails
  • Glideboard:  Vinyl Upholstery
  • Rollers: Sealed precision ball bearings

Warranty and Shipping info:

  • Commercial Warranty: Frame – 5 years
  • Moving Parts (rollers) – 1 year
  • Upholstery and foam handles – 90 days

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