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Adjustable Double Rail Wall Mount Gym

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The resistance band wall gym is made of powder-coated, 11-gauge steel and comes with multiple attachments.

  • Space saving system
  • Multiple attachment points
  • Double rail system allows for crossover movements and greater range of motion
  • Mount the steel rail system to any wall
  • Wall mount has adjustable slots every 2"
  • Each light, medium and heavy resistance Safety Sleeve Tubing has 2 foam grip handles

  •  Use for core, upper body and lower body strengthening exercises

  • (2) 78" long with 5/16" diameter rings  attached every 6 inches
  • (2) each of light, medium and heavy 3' long resistance bands with safety sleeves
  • (2) foam grip handles
  • Exercise bar
  • Universal swivel belt
  • All-legs exercise straps
  • Mounting screws

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Adjustable Double Rail Wall Mount Gym