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3 Scary Ingredients Slowly Turning You Into A Woman

Since you've been reading my emails for a while you're aware that our T-levels are under attack.

However that's only HALF the problem because when we make bad food choices we are silently boosting production of estrogen, the FEMALE hormone.

Estrogen has the opposite effect of testosterone and leave you flabby, weak and suffering with ugly man boobs.

It's ok for you body to contain a small amount of estrogen but eating food containing estrogen-boosting nutrients causes estrogen production to spiral out of control.

The first one is SOY.

Soy is the CRAZY ingredient that’s slowly turning men into women. Studies show that men who intake soy for long periods of time can have slow beard growth, hair loss, decreased sex drive, and a lack of energy.

This feminizing ingredient should be AVOIDED by guys at all costs as it can literally ruin your manhood.

Your jaw will drop when you discover how many foods contain soy, such as cereal, breaded food, certain dairy products, sauces, stews, lecithin, and vegetarian dishes.

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